Strange Korean Foods: Pig Guts Soup

Having spent the better piece of five years in Korea you can trust I’ve eaten a lot of odd Korean nourishments.


Live octopus? Sure. Cylinder worm? Definitely. Salted jellyfish? Scrumptious. 


These are for the most part fine instances of inquisitive Korean food and worth an attempt on the off chance that you end up in the Land of Morning Calm. In all actuality, they may not be as open as, state, a burger or seared chicken, yet they’re parcels all the more intriguing!


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Pig Guts Soup 


Odds are regardless of whether you know close to nothing about Korean food you’ve at any rate known about kimchi and Korean grill. Both are meriting their popularity and an unequivocal treat for the taste buds.


Korean grill is especially flavorful: Imagine substantial cuts of pig that fall somewhere close to pork slashes and bacon in taste and consistency flame broiled right at your table. An astounding foody experience.


However, after you’ve butchered a pig for grilling there’s still a lot of meat extra. From the hooves to Wilbur’s internal functions, you have loads of good eating still to do.


Koreans are enthusiastic about taking advantage of each pig they butcher and no place is that more obvious than in a bowl of pig guts soup.


At the point when you dive into this peculiar Korean food you’ll discover find an abundance of pig digestive tract, liver, and pieces of pork. It is in a real sense a bowl of pig guts.


How can it taste? Indeed, the flavor isn’t as solid as you’d likely envision, albeit each time I’ve appreciated this dish there is the faintest trailing sensation o