Personalised Pearl Bracelets for Someone Special

When I think of signature jewellery, the first picture that pops into my head is the painting of Ann Boleyn wearing her necklace with tear drop pearls hanging from a golden “B” on her very long pearl rope necklace.

Personalised jewels are known right through the ages. As a child I was given a lovely silver name initial to add to my silver charm bracelet and I still have it to this day. Although this charm was only the initial of my first name, it would be quite possible to have a pearl bracelet with a loved-one’s whole name spelt out in silver charms, each letter separated by a pearl! Personalised necklace

What a dainty gift to a young person a bracelet with an initial in sterling silver and a sterling silver charm would be!

I love the idea that you can change the message the jewellery carries by changing the charm that goes with the initial because, as much as anything else, this jewellery is about the emotion that goes with it. The bracelet above says “love” but change the charm and it could say: “baby” or “fashion conscious” or “Happy Christmas!”

A set of earrings with pendant initials are also very appealing gifts. A combination of initial letter earrings with an initial and pearl pendant would be an exciting gift to open at any time, not just at Christmas.

How about the bracelet of enamelled beads with a set of initials alternating with the flower charms? What a pretty gift this would be for a bridesmaid! I also have something on my wish list and that is the necklace with my first name spelt out in sterling silver initials, evenly spaced along the row of pearls. Extravagant but a bit of a conversation piece, I think! So, let’s be extravagant and think of some more exciting designs that could be made up. How about the coin pearl necklace. Now, that bar clasp could be worn at the front of the necklace and become a decorative feature with sterling silver initials and charms added to it. Look again at the painting of Ann Boleyn with her “B” initial and pendant pearls. See what I mean? It would be possible to create something similar of your own and the variations on how to personalise a piece of jewellery are almost endless. I’ll end with a favourite piece of Christmas-themed loveliness.