Monatomic Gold and the Philosopher’s Stone

Were the ancient alchemists really trying to turn gold into lead? This is the story we’re told in the history books, that alchemy is the pursuit of something called the “Philosopher’s Stone,” a miraculous stone that could be used to transform base-metal such as lead into gold.

Actually, this story of turning lead to gold was just a cover-story, so as to save the alchemists from persecution. The story is not to be taken literally, but symbolically. It is a code for something else, and that is the lead or base metal is symbolic of the false self or ego, and the gold is symbolic of the transformation of the ego into a spiritual “lightbody.” The Philosopher’s Stone was an alchemical elixir that was said to greatly enhance this process of spiritual transformation.

So, what is the Philospher’s Stone, really? We know that it is something to aid spiritual ascension. We also know that it is an elixir, that is something that can be ingested, a mixture of various substances. What could these component parts have been? Were they herbs, plants, magic mushrooms?

The Ancient Egyptians had a practice of ingesting something they called “mfkzt.” Researchers have discovered this mfkzt to be derived from gold, and that is was a fine white powder. Today, this mfkzt is know by various names: monatomic gold, ORMES(orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements), ORMUS (orbitally rearranged material under study), white powder gold, among others. Modern scientific research has shown that this white powder gold exists in a single-atom state, whereas gold in its metallic form exists in larger clusters of atoms.

Other minerals, such as platinum, osmium, iridium and others also exist monoatomically in nature. These transitional platinum group elements are found in high concentrations in living whole foods, especially in the group of foods know as “superfoods.” People eating a diet of whole, raw, organically grown foods and superfoods enjoy more radiant health and vibrant energy than people eating the standard American Diet(S.A.D.) Cancer patients have gone into full remission from transitioning to a raw, whole food diet, as well as reversing other disease conditions.

Monatomic gold and other monatomic platinum group elements are being produced and marketed by various companies. Just Google “ORMUS,” and you’ll see over 1 million pages.

So, what can monatomic gold do for me, you may ask? What the research has shown is people ingesting monatomic gold show an immediate synchronization of right and left brain hemispheres. Subjects have reported greater mental clarity, and emotional stability(less stress). Effects at the cellular level have been observed, with repair of DNA and greater cellular energy output and detoxification. My personal experience has been a greater ability to solve problems, with less stress, more vivid dreams, and greater experience of synchronicity (those “Aha!” moments!) when things just seem to “gel.”