Buddha Figurines Are No Small Matter

Just by adding the word figurines into a search phase after the word Buddha produces some dramatically new results. Typically people are searching for Buddha Statues, or Buddha Sculptures, but in this case they are keenly out for something different. What I have noticed my reviewing this sublime variance in searches is that people are looking for small icons or amulets of Lord Buddha.  พระเครื่องเสริมโชค  sThey are 6 inches in height or smaller. Least common is to see a customer buying a single Figurine. I notices that most of the time they are looking for a set of mini Buddha Figurines with this particular search phrase.


In my internet crawling I have found several different types of sets. Mostly they number in a set of 6 Buddha figurines and can be made from an unlimited type of materials; such as: brass, wood, jade, copper, ivory and even resign. When in a set of six– each individual Buddha is depicted in a unique pose which represents a specific virtue; such as: Love, Safe Travels, Longevity, Prosperity, Spirituality, and Happy Home. Laughing Buddha sets seem to have the Buddha Figurines free standing and can be places all together or separated through out ones’ home. The “Hong Tze” type of sets are traditionally sold in a decorative red felt shadow box for presentation purposes. (Of course the new owner could take them out and spread the Zen around if they so wished.)


Lastly, I found a 5 piece Tibetan Pancha Dhyani Buddha figurine set, but the price was no small thing. Where as the above fore mentioned sets were quite inexpensive, this five piece meditating set was well over the $250.00 range. The term (Pancha) refers to a self-emanating, or self-originating Buddha, considered to be present before anything else existed. And each of these five meditating Buddha’s represents a various attribute of this “Adi-buddha.” Though they are not separate gods; just abstract aspects of Buddha hood.