5 Helpful Tips on Email Etiquette

In learning how to do internet marketing online, one of the essential tools you’re going to need is an email address. Though it doesn’t seem like much, an email address can speak volumes about who you are as an internet marketer. For example, a Yahoo! email doesn’t really say ‘business’ or ‘professional’. While a Gmail email address is somewhat better, having your own personal domain attached(which also boosts your online profile) to your email would be best. ymail login

Because an email list is so important in internet marketing, you’ll find that you’ll be sending dozens (if not hundreds) of emails on a regular basis. Like any business setting, internet marketing has its own set of business etiquettes, especially with emailing.

Here are five helpful tips on email etiquette for email marketing.

1. Always read through your email before sending to your list.

Keep in mind that users who have signed up for your mailing list expect useful, informative and quality content. Before clicking the Send button, make sure that your email doesn’t have any typos or spelling errors. Also make sure that any links that might be included are working.

2. Give your email a great subject line.

Most online visitors receive dozens of emails per day. You’ll need to catch their attention with a catchy and interesting subject line. A great subject line will also make it less likely that your email will get sent to the trash unread.

The best subject lines are usually questions, with the answer waiting in the email body. Using subject line along with your greeting would also help, giving it a personal touch that somehow make someone feel that you knew them personally.

3. Avoid writing in ALL CAPS

Writing emails in all caps is the online equivalent of shouting. No one likes to be yelled at.

4. Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date.

The worse thing that you can do as an internet marketer is send a virus or malware to your mailing list. Your credibility will surely die along with your visitors’ computers. Well we don’t want that do we?

5. Include your signature.

For people who are doing online marketing, adding a signature to their emails is an effective marketing tool. It also adds a professional touch to every message.


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