5 Easy Ways to Establish Your Brand Online

The Internet is a practical and accessible tool to build your brand. Here, we list 5 of the easiest ways to leverage the Internet to your best advantage: sbcglobal

1. Own your own domain name.

A domain name is the “website address” where your website lives, and it is the last
half of your email address. You can purchase your own business name, or a
variation of it, as your domain name. The cost is less than $10/year.

If you haven’t named your business yet, it’s a good idea to check the availability of
domain names to match potential business name candidates. It’s best if your
domain name matches your business name.

Resource: GoDaddy.com is the most reasonably priced, and reliable domain name
registration firm we’ve found (just don’t sign up for any of their other services – you
only need a website address).

2. Use that domain name as your email address.

You probably already have an email address from your internet service provider that
looks something like: yourname@aol.com or yourname@sbcglobal.net. It looks
much more professional to have yourname@yourbusiness.com as your business
email. The repetition of your business name will increase your memorability and will
help you build your brand.

You can even forward your new email address to your existing email account if you
don’t want to go through the hassle of changing your email program set up. The
disadvantage to this is that your old email will show in the “From:” field – so, in the
future, you may want to set up the email program to not forward.

Resource: This can be easily set-up with many web hosting companies. We
recommed Dreamhost as an excellent web hosting service.

3. Create an email signature file to use on all of your email.

This is a mini-advertisement that appears at the end of all of your email. Include
your phone number, a short description of what you do, any current sales or
promotions you’re offering and your website address. You can even include your
logo graphic in your signature file.